• ENGAGE with your peers to develop new business models

  • PARTICIPATE with industry leaders to create market-driven specifications

  • ATTEND events designed to foster learning and collaboration

  • RECEIVE training and resources to further your knowledge

The value of IWA membership

  • Collaborate with other leading business and technical minds to learn, acquire, and contribute to best
    practices for business operations​
  • Engage in Business Working Groups to guide the technical work of the IWA, defining current market-driven
    specifications designed to accelerate the acceptance and deployment of multi-party solutions within the global
  • Participate in Technical Working Groups to build out the frameworks and tooling that support the
    IWA specifications​
  • Leverage IWA resources to design and build interoperable, world-class business solutions which the IWA will help
    promote via wide and deep communications channels​
  • Receive exclusive access to future certification testing to ensure solutions meet the governed IWA specs and
    build trust​