Simplifying the digital interchange of value

The InterWork Alliance empowers all organizations to adopt and use token-powered services in their day-to-day operations, across use cases and networks, bringing inclusivity to globally distributed applications.


Unlocking the Business of Sustainability through Tokenization Webinar

Replay from September 17, 2020

Watch the replay of this IWA webinar, where the leaders of the InterWork Alliance Sustainability Business Working Group — Darko Pilav of Digital Asset, John Lee of Accenture, and Cameron Prell of Xpansiv — discussed the group’s plans to tackle the challenges businesses around the world face when taking on sustainability issues.

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Develop standards-based interworking specifications

Address market requirements and performance metrics

Support advances across all platform technologies

Enable multi-party interchanges agreed-to representation of value regardless of infrastructure

Partnering With Leading-Edge Organizations Worldwide

The IWA invites all global Standards Development Organizations, Open Source Foundations, Industry Standards Organizations, and other industry groups to collaborate with us in our quest to resolve some of the world’s most intractable multi-party problems with standardized, token-based distributed applications.

Making Multi-Party Agreements Just Work

Multi-party digital interchanges require a trusted, agreed-to representation of value, and correlating contractual agreements. Unfortunately, technological disparity across platforms creates roadblocks that inhibit the level of interworking necessary for web-scale adoption. There needs to be a unified approach where all parties work together to build out an ecosystem that is global.

The InterWork Alliance is an independent, technology-neutral, cross-industry association determined to tear down these siloes by simplifying and standardizing how multi-party interchanges are accomplished amongst disparate technology platforms across use cases such as global sustainability, supply chains, healthcare and more.


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Increasing Business Innovation

Tokenized distributed applications that exchange and use anything of value can disrupt global economics, but the wide availability of different platform types has stalled web-scale adoption of tokenized assets.

The InterWork Alliance is building the set of specifications and tools necessary for defining what a token is and how its contractual behaviors work so that organizations can create token-based business models without first having a platform technology in mind.

This is where great technology and innovative business leaders meet to deliver the market-driven specifications needed to facilitate interworking, delivering a proven, standard approach that is required to bring consumer trust into this space.

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