IWA Analytics Framework

Delivers the ability to instrument multi-party contracts, preserving privacy where applicable, and create shared data streams to support value-add services and industry-driven data reporting.

  • Co-Chair: Duncan Johnston-Watt (Blockchain Technology Partners)
  • Co-Chair: John deVadoss (NGD Enterprise)

Power of Analysis

The shift of organizations from traditional transactional applications to multi-party distributed applications is causing a new pattern to emerge around analytical workloads. The large amounts of ‘linked’ data generated by these multi-party contracts presents a new opportunity to share this data (subject to any contractual restrictions) among contractual parties and perform value-added multi-party analytics on top of the core trusted contracts.

Sharing or pooling data across multiple parties can lead to insights that would ordinarily be left undiscovered, enabling a future for highly efficient cross industry, cross organization contracts that could reason over the shared data to further streamline and optimize business processes across organizations. This might lead to new breakthroughs – perhaps in a medical field, finding inefficiencies in supply chain, or addressing sustainability challenges.

With the Token Taxonomy Framework and InterWork Framework standardizing how value is expressed and interacted, the Analytics Framework will set the standards for how multiple parties can agree on shared schema for building these multi-party analytical workloads.

The first release of the Analytics Framework has not yet been released. Additional information will be provided on this page in the future.


Available Resources

  • Resources will be added once the initial version of the InterWork Framework is published