Leadership Changes at the InterWork Alliance

By - IWA Management Team

As the InterWork Alliance has grown to more than 50 members with more joining every month, the IWA is fast becoming the essential industry organization for bringing inclusivity to the global market for services built on tokenized value. The IWA’s unique focus on providing a common-ground venue for collaborating on market-driven specifications backed by a trusted certification program is clearly resonating with technology producers, consumers, and regulators.

The rapid growth of this organization is especially remarkable when viewed in light of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic that has caused so much disruption across multiple industries. If anything, industries are coming to understand that they need to become more flexible in their future operations, and token-based services are a key element for helping many organizations more securely control their futures.

The negative side of COVID-19, of course, is the terrible cost that it has wreaked on those who have suffered directly as well as those who have had to make personal sacrifices to keep family, friends, and colleagues safe.

Having played a key role in shepherding the IWA to a point of stability despite the headwinds of COVID-19, Ron Resnick has stepped down as President of the IWA in order to spend more time with his family – which he has not been able to do due to travel restrictions. Leaving the future growth of the IWA in the more than capable hands of his carefully selected staff, Ron and his wife can finally get to take the long road trip necessary to spend time with their new grandchild.

The IWA staff and board wish Ron only the best as he moves forward into his new role as grandpa!

Paul DiMarzio, IWA Director of Marketing, has also assumed the interim position as Executive Director and will manage day-to-day operations under the guidance of the governing board.