Author: Paul DiMazio

  • The InterWork Alliance and application of the World Economic Forum Global Standards Mapping Initiative (GSMI) technical report

    The white paper Global Standards Mapping Initiative: An overview of blockchain technical standards, published by the World Economic Forum in October 2020, delivers a much-needed analysis and guide for sifting through technical standards. It is one component of a broader effort1 to catalogue data from “30 technical standard-setting…

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  • Leadership Changes at the InterWork Alliance

    As the InterWork Alliance has grown to more than 50 members with more joining every month, the IWA is fast becoming the essential industry organization for bringing inclusivity to the global market for services built on tokenized value. The IWA’s unique focus on providing a common-ground venue for collaborating on…

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  • Real-World Tokens: A Seven-Step Journey into the TTF

    Why Tokenize? The potential to effectively tokenize real-world assets on a digital platform and to efficiently transact at a global scale is creating entirely new asset classes and new markets for hitherto illiquid assets.  Tokens can represent a wide-ranging set of assets and agreements across multiple parties, and their usage…

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